Delta Timing Group - Contractor License                4/6/2018 - 2:06 PM
     2018 Miami Hurricane Alumni Invitational - 4/6/2018 to 4/7/2018      
                           University of Miami                            
Event 1  Men Javelin Throw
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Seth Zuidema                 Connecticut             67.68m     222-00
      67.68m  62.86m  65.97m  FOUL  65.22m  59.42m                        
  2 Kevin Foster                 Connecticut             60.06m     197-00
      FOUL  52.64m  60.06m  59.57m  FOUL  FOUL                            
  3 Gueber Docteur               So. Conn. St.           56.13m     184-02
      53.34m  56.05m  55.37m  55.13m  54.28m  56.13m                      
  4 Joshua Lockhart              Connecticut             55.45m     181-11
      FOUL  49.17m  49.27m  50.38m  52.19m  55.45m                        
  5 Conrad Heinrich              Wofford                 54.70m     179-05
      49.55m  FOUL  51.36m  FOUL  46.37m  54.70m                          
  6 Frank Aird                   Florida Memorial        38.42m     126-00
      32.55m  32.02m  FOUL  38.42m  FOUL  34.71m                          
  7 Drew Anderson                Kennesaw State          37.52m     123-01
      36.57m  FOUL  32.65m  37.52m  FOUL  37.17m                          
  8 Daniel McKune                Kennesaw State          36.76m     120-07
      FOUL  31.06m  36.76m  35.81m  34.63m  33.90m                        
  9 Rufus Wiggins                Florida Memorial        34.75m     114-00
      29.12m  26.24m  34.75m  27.43m  33.50m  33.01m                      
 10 Jose Rojas                   Nova Southeastern       29.24m      95-11
      25.05m  26.04m  29.24m