Delta Timing Group - Contractor License              3/17/2018 - 12:47 PM
           2018 Hurricane Invitational - 3/16/2018 to 3/17/2018           
                           University of Miami                            
Event 1  Men Javelin Throw College
 Top 9 to finals                                                          
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Andreas Christodoulou     SO Miami                   59.79m     196-02
      54.91m  59.79m  59.67m  PASS  PASS  PASS                            
  2 Pablo Colon               JR Boston U.               53.35m     175-00
      48.36m  49.59m  50.38m  51.66m  49.46m  53.35m                      
  3 Anthony Bouselli          SR Virginia                52.03m     170-08
      49.88m  49.59m  52.03m  FOUL  FOUL  51.95m                          
  4 Arthur Prevost            FR Keiser University       50.68m     166-03
      50.68m  48.38m  50.63m  FOUL  49.24m  50.42m                        
  5 Carter Sorenson           SO Notre Dame              49.17m     161-04
      48.67m  49.17m  43.55m  FOUL  PASS  PASS                            
  6 Nace Plesko               JR Virginia                49.04m     160-11
      47.34m  49.04m  FOUL  PASS  PASS  PASS                              
  7 Ricardo Maldonado         SR Umass Boston            47.09m     154-06
      FOUL  47.07m  47.09m  46.34m  FOUL  44.80m                          
  8 Jonathan Ogle             SO Palm Beach Atlantic     45.05m     147-10
      42.48m  44.33m  43.24m  43.78m  45.05m  40.44m                      
  9 William Slade             FR Warner                  41.91m     137-06
      39.46m  38.59m  41.91m  39.29m  PASS  PASS                          
 10 Frank Aird                SO Florida Memorial        38.78m     127-03
      31.18m  38.78m  36.29m                                              
 11 Deontaviuose Carter       FR Warner                  32.39m     106-03
      32.39m  31.09m  25.92m                                              
 12 Tyler Gonzalez            FR Warner                  31.94m     104-09
      31.94m  30.30m  31.13m                                              
 13 Tyree Parks               FR Warner                  29.08m      95-05
      FOUL  29.08m  27.48m                                                
 14 Tariq Hallman             SO Florida Memorial        28.38m      93-01
      27.11m  28.38m  26.56m                                              
 15 Jose Rojas                JR Nova Southeastern       25.18m      82-07
      24.02m  24.55m  25.18m                                              
 16 Aaron Alfred              SO Warner                  22.86m      75-00
      22.50m  22.68m  22.86m