Delta Timing Group - Contractor License              1/18/2019 - 10:42 PM
                      YSU College Invite - 1/18/2019                      
                 Watson and Tressel Training Site (WATTS)                 
Event 29  Women Long Jump
 3 Attempts Prelims/3 Attempts Finals                                     
 Top 9 plus ties to Reverse Order Final                                   
 Minumum Mark: 5.20 (17-00.00)                                            
 1 Valid Jump, Regardless of Distance                                     
       WATTS: @ 6.05m  2/23/2013   Candace Carajohn, Loyola               
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Kinsey, Erika                Unattached               6.35m@  20-10.00
      X  X  6.05m  ND  6.15m  6.35m                                       
  2 Flemington, Katie         SR Windsor                  5.81m   19-00.75
      X  5.76m  X  X  X  5.81m                                            
  3 Fils, Chontel             SO Youngstown St.           5.70m   18-08.50
      5.70m  5.46m  5.44m  -  -  -                                        
  4 Roush, Zoe                FR Robert Morris            5.53m   18-01.75
      5.38m  5.53m  5.27m  5.52m  X  X                                    
  5 Stever, Jessica           SO Youngstown St.           5.53m   18-01.75
      X  5.53m  5.31m  5.46m  5.49m  5.44m                                
  6 Clayton, Kia              SR Pitt.-Johnstown          5.42m   17-09.50
      5.26m  5.18m  5.42m  -  -  -                                        
  7 Valeriano, Amberly        FR Duquesne                 5.37m   17-07.50
      X  5.32m  5.37m  5.32m  X  5.26m                                    
  8 Johnson, Daijana          JR Mount Union              5.34m   17-06.25
      X  5.31m  5.34m  -  -  -                                            
  9 Bonczyk, Kaitlyn          FR Slippery Rock            5.33m   17-06.00
      5.33m  ND  ND  -  -  -                                              
 10 Johnson, Alexianna        SO Mount Union              5.27m   17-03.50
      4.96m  ND  5.27m                                                    
 11 Killins, Chandler         JR Youngstown St.           5.25m   17-02.75
      X  5.25m  X                                                         
 12 Seto, Maris               JR Duquesne                 5.21m   17-01.25
      5.21m  5.13m  X                                                     
 13 Harnish, Lilly            SR Robert Morris            5.20m   17-00.75
      5.02m  ND  5.20m                                                    
 14 Russell, Aniyah           FR Georgian Court           5.17m   16-11.50
      X  X  5.17m                                                         
 15 Ashford, Michaela         SO West Virginia            5.08m   16-08.00
      4.77m  5.08m  X                                                     
 16 Yon, Jolene               JR Slippery Rock            5.04m   16-06.50
      X  5.04m  ND                                                        
 17 Smith, Romi               SO Ashland                  4.96m   16-03.25
      4.96m  ND  ND                                                       
 18 Young, Kaylee             SO Slippery Rock            4.95m   16-03.00
      4.95m  ND  X                                                        
 19 Wollenslegel, Paula       JR Ashland                  4.94m   16-02.50
      X  4.94m  ND                                                        
 20 Bishop, Audrey            FR Mount Union              4.92m   16-01.75
      X  4.92m  ND                                                        
 21 Gaskins, Hannah           SO Cleveland St.            4.89m   16-00.50
      4.89m  ND  ND                                                       
 22 Holmes, Allie             FR Ashland                  4.87m   15-11.75
      X  X  4.87m                                                         
 23 Sciury, Halie             FR Ohio                     4.86m   15-11.50
      4.86m  ND  ND                                                       
 23 Dorothal, Julianne        SO Cleveland St.            4.86m   15-11.50
      4.86m  ND  ND                                                       
 25 Swartzbaugh, Lydia        SO Geneva                   4.81m   15-09.50
      X  4.81m  ND                                                        
 26 Miller, Olivia            SO Carlow                   4.76m   15-07.50
      4.76m  ND  ND                                                       
 27 Lippincott, Katie         SR Pitt.-Johnstown          4.75m   15-07.00
      4.75m  ND  X                                                        
 28 Robertson, MacKenzie      SO Allegheny                4.73m   15-06.25
      4.73m  ND  ND                                                       
 29 Fisher, Morgan            FR Walsh                    4.70m   15-05.00
      4.70m  ND  ND                                                       
 29 Puckett, Hailey           FR Youngstown St.           4.70m   15-05.00
      4.70m  X  ND                                                        
 31 Forsythe, Taylor          JR Washington &             4.69m   15-04.75
      4.69m  ND  ND                                                       
 32 Haley, Tajah              JR Ohio                     4.64m   15-02.75
      X  4.64m  ND                                                        
 33 Langford, Skylar          FR Wheeling Jesuit          4.63m   15-02.25
      4.63m  ND  ND                                                       
 34 McChesney, Judith         FR Geneva                   4.62m   15-02.00
      4.62m  ND  X                                                        
 35 King, Grace               FR Ashland                  4.58m   15-00.50
      4.58m  ND  ND                                                       
 36 Stewart, Kaitlin          SO Windsor                  4.57m   15-00.00
      X  4.57m  ND                                                        
 37 Rollins, Jewel            JR Central State            4.46m   14-07.75
      4.46m  X  ND                                                        
 38 Reed, Abagail             FR Clarion                  4.45m   14-07.25
      X  X  4.45m                                                         
 38 Williams-Wiles, Lauren    SR Washington &             4.45m   14-07.25
      4.45m  ND  ND                                                       
 40 Schry, Miranda            SO Point Park               4.44m   14-07.00
      4.44m  ND  ND                                                       
 41 Denny, Alexandra          FR Slippery Rock            4.35m   14-03.25
      4.35m  ND  X                                                        
 42 Kerstetter, Olivia        FR Slippery Rock            4.32m   14-02.25
      4.32m  ND  ND                                                       
 42 Goodman, Nia              FR Point Park               4.32m   14-02.25
      X  X  4.32m                                                         
 44 Ross, Madison             JR Alderson Broaddus        4.29m   14-01.00
      4.29m  ND  ND                                                       
 45 Reid-Harris, Jasmine      SO Allegheny                4.28m   14-00.50
      X  4.28m  ND                                                        
 46 Billone, Caroline         SO Duquesne                 4.19m   13-09.00
      X  4.19m  ND                                                        
 47 Crosby, Coreen            SO Youngstown St.           4.14m   13-07.00
      4.14m  ND  ND                                                       
 48 Johnson, Taylor           FR Washington &             4.07m   13-04.25
      4.07m  ND  ND                                                       
 49 Adrian, Britney           FR Point Park               4.03m   13-02.75
      X  4.03m  X                                                         
 50 Rogers, Jennifer          FR Geneva                   3.47m   11-04.75
      3.47m  ND  ND                                                       
 51 Rodgers, Alexandra        JR Walsh                    3.41m   11-02.25
      3.41m  ND  ND                                                       
 52 Ocheje, Sharon            SO Windsor                  3.23m   10-07.25
      3.23m  ND  ND                                                       
 -- Gologram, Tara            FR Robert Morris             FOUL           
      X  X  X                                                             
 -- Didion, Samantha          JR Ashland                   FOUL           
      X  X  X                                                             
 -- Thrower, Tajanique        SO Carlow                    FOUL           
      X  X  X                                                             
 -- Ayme', Bailey             JR Clarion                   FOUL           
      X  X  X                                                             
 -- Johnson, Jen              SR Allegheny                 FOUL           
      X  X  X                                                             
 -- Brunet, Mandy             FR Windsor                   FOUL           
      X  X  X                                                             
 -- Slater, Alexandra         FR Allegheny                 FOUL           
      X  X  X                                                             
 -- Hills, Brianna            FR Georgian Court            FOUL           
      X  X  X                                                             
 -- Lamorie, Taryn            SO Windsor                   FOUL           
      X  X  X