Women's Discus Finals - Results

 Delta Timing Group - Contractor License                      4/28/2017 - 8:55 PM
                    2017 SEC Relays - 4/28/2017 to 4/29/2017                     
                              Bernie Moore Stadium                               
Event 25  Women Discus Throw
 West Cage                                                                       
 Top 9 collegians plus any unattached in top 9 to the final                      
     Stadium: s 204-04  1983        Meg Richie, Arizona                          
         LSU: L 194-04  1994        Danyel Mitchell, LSU                         
  Collegiate: C 221-05  1981        Meg Richie, Arizona                          
    Name                    Year School                  Finals            Points
  1       Serena Brown        FR Texas A&M               56.84m     186-06       
      54.38m  54.68m  FOUL  56.84m  51.30m  54.40m                               
  2       Janeah Stewart      JR Ole Miss                56.00m     183-09       
      56.00m  FOUL  FOUL  54.02m  53.26m  FOUL                                   
  3       Stamatia Scarvelis  SO Tennessee               54.06m     177-04       
      52.90m  54.06m  51.34m  FOUL  53.26m  51.26m                               
  4       Haley Teel          JR Alabama                 52.34m     171-09       
      45.44m  47.56m  FOUL  49.64m  49.54m  52.34m                               
  5       Tamia Crockett      FR Tennessee               51.52m     169-00       
      50.74m  51.52m  47.10m  48.92m  47.30m  48.34m                             
  6       Celine Markert      SO Texas A&M               49.68m     163-00       
      49.68m  FOUL  45.58m  47.52m  46.96m  44.34m                               
  7       Hannah Chappell     FR Alabama                 48.42m     158-10       
      45.28m  46.16m  48.42m  46.30m  45.82m  48.12m                             
  8       Holly Julifs        SO Alabama                 46.92m     153-11       
      41.88m  FOUL  45.32m  FOUL  FOUL  46.92m                                   
  9       Nicole Fautsch      FR Kentucky                46.38m     152-02       
      46.38m  44.22m  FOUL  FOUL  42.44m  44.56m                                 
 10       Haley Reynolds      SR Miss State              44.06m     144-07       
      FOUL  44.06m  36.64m                                                       
 11       Nickolette Dunbar   FR LSU                     42.44m     139-03       
      41.06m  42.44m  FOUL                                                       
 12       Dominique Hailey    FR LSU                     41.70m     136-10       
      33.78m  41.70m  38.38m