Men's Long Jump Finals - Results

 B. Moore Track & C. Maddox Field House - Site License  2/2/2018 - 8:12 PM
                     2018 LSU Bayou Bengal - 2/2/2018                     
                 Carl Maddox Field House Baton Rouge, LA                  
Event 20  Men Long Jump
 TOP 9 ADVANCE TO FINAL                                                   
 Minimum Mark 23-0 (7.01m)                                                
 1st Legal Mark will be measured                                          
 all other marks must meet minimum.                                       
  Fieldhouse: F 27-01.75  2004        John Moffit, LSU                    
  Fieldhouse: F 27-01.75  1981        Carl Lewis                          
  LSU Record: L 27-01.75  2004        John Moffit, L S U                  
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Damar Forbes                 Tiger Olympians          7.61m   24-11.75
      7.61m  FOUL  PASS  7.49m  7.57m  PASS                               
  2 Rayvon Grey                  LSU                      7.60m   24-11.25
      FOUL  7.43m  7.60m  5.41m  7.18m  FOUL                              
  3 JuVaughn Blake               LSU                      7.53m   24-08.50
      7.32m  7.53m  7.27m  7.01m  PASS  PASS                              
  4 Jemal Parharm                UL-Monroe                7.50m   24-07.25
      7.50m  FOUL  ND  7.39m  7.06m  7.46m                                
  5 Michael Strong               New Orleans              7.31m   23-11.75
      7.03m  7.11m  7.21m  6.97m  7.12m  7.31m                            
  6 Da'Quan Bellard              LSU                      7.19m   23-07.25
      6.93m  FOUL  7.01m  7.11m  FOUL  7.19m                              
  7 Jason Attuso                 LSU                      7.13m   23-04.75
      6.91m  7.13m  FOUL  7.03m  7.12m  6.97m                             
  8 Javon Brown                  Meridian CC              7.12m   23-04.50
      6.47m  7.12m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                
  9 Lutalo Boyce                 Unattached               6.97m   22-10.50
      6.97m  ND  FOUL  6.67m  FOUL  4.05m                                 
 10 Marrel Parker                Meridian CC              6.92m   22-08.50
      FOUL  6.92m  ND                                                     
 11 Colm Bourke                  UL-Monroe                6.78m   22-03.00
      6.78m  ND  ND                                                       
 12 Keidrick Haynes              Northwestern St.         6.74m   22-01.50
      6.74m  ND  ND                                                       
 13 Chedlin Sagesse              Southern Miss.           6.71m   22-00.25
      FOUL  6.71m  ND                                                     
 14 Rudolph Valentine            Grambling                6.68m   21-11.00
      FOUL  6.68m  ND                                                     
 15 Jacorious Jeter              Northwestern St.         6.65m   21-10.00
      6.65m  FOUL  ND                                                     
 16 John Warren                  Southern Miss.           6.62m   21-08.75
      6.62m  ND  ND                                                       
 17 Markeit Steverson            Northwestern St.         6.59m   21-07.50
      6.59m  ND  FOUL                                                     
 18 Alexander Richemond          Southern Miss.           6.52m   21-04.75
      6.52m  ND  ND                                                       
 19 Deylon Key                   Northwestern St.         6.46m   21-02.50
      FOUL  FOUL  6.46m                                                   
 20 Wallace Smith                Southern                 6.25m   20-06.25
      6.25m  ND  ND                                                       
 21 David Moritz                 Northwestern St.         6.19m   20-03.75
      6.19m  ND  ND                                                       
 21 Alex Hawkins                 New Orleans              6.19m   20-03.75
      6.19m  ND  ND                                                       
 23 Darius Major                 Alcorn State             5.55m   18-02.50
      FOUL  FOUL  5.55m                                                   
 24 Javon Tate                   Grambling                5.02m   16-05.75
      FOUL  FOUL  5.02m                                                   
 25 Altany Wilson                Grambling                4.42m   14-06.00
      FOUL  4.42m  ND                                                     
 -- Roderick Atkinson            Grambling                 FOUL           
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                                    
 -- Jacoby Porter                Unattached                FOUL           
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                                    
 -- Tyroy Lanus                  New Orleans               FOUL           
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                                    
 -- Chambers Tyrese              Southern                   DNS           
 -- Aaron Worell                 Alcorn State               DNS           
 -- Jaysen Robinson              SE Louisiana               DNS           
 -- Jkoven Celestine             Alcorn State               DNS