Women's Javelin Finals - Results

 B. Moore Track & C. Maddox Field House - Site License 
                2021 Alumni Gold - 4/23/2021 to 4/24/2021                 
                           Bernie Moore Stadium                           
Event 24  Women Javelin Throw
 East Runway                                                              
 Top 9 advance to Final                                                   
     Stadium: s 198-05  1989        Laverne Eve, Bahamas                  
  Collegiate: C 204-01  6/9/2016    Maggie Malone, Texas A&M              
         LSU: L 204-09  2014        Laverne Eve, LSU                      
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Kylee Carter              SR Auburn                  60.69m     199-01
      FOUL  51.36m  60.69m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                              
  2 Rhiley Fritz              JR Texas                   52.96m     173-09
      48.87m  FOUL  52.96m  50.59m  48.36m  FOUL                          
  3 Ashley Carter             JR Auburn                  50.41m     165-05
      FOUL  44.73m  FOUL  FOUL  50.41m  50.09m                            
  4 Gabby Kearney             JR Texas                   48.15m     158-00
      42.86m  43.68m  45.36m  41.29m  48.15m  47.88m                      
  5 Keira McCarrell           JR Auburn                  47.77m     156-09
      45.91m  47.77m  FOUL  44.27m  46.70m  47.69m                        
  6 Noel Baker                JR LSU                     45.69m     149-11
      45.69m  44.75m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                              
  7 Alex Webb                 FR Auburn                  44.67m     146-07
      43.14m  41.23m  44.04m  44.67m  FOUL  42.47m                        
  8 Jenna Ellis               JR Texas A&M               43.33m     142-02
      43.28m  FOUL  43.33m  41.45m  FOUL  41.67m                          
  9 Laurel Bristow            SO Akron                   40.49m     132-10
      40.49m  38.68m  37.18m  39.26m  38.76m  40.05m                      
 10 Kaitlyn Ream              FR Texas                   36.74m     120-06
      36.74m  FOUL  31.44m                                                
 -- Bekah Alcozer             SR Texas                      DNS