Women's Weight Throw Finals - Results

 Delta Timing Group - Contractor License               1/11/2020 - 3:28 PM
                 2020 Wolverine Invitational - 1/11/2020                  
                     U-M Indoor Track - Ann Arbor, MI                     
Event 35  Women Weight Throw
 Top 9 + ties to Final                                                    
 30 minute warmup and straight to final after prelim round                
        Meet: ! 20.48m  1/12/2019   Rebecca Mammel, Michigan St.          
     Stadium: ^ 24.07m  2/22/2019   Sade Olatoye, Ohio State              
    Michigan: # 19.53m  2019        Baker/Deering                         
  Collegiate: $ 25.56m  3/10/2007   Brittany Riley, Southern Illinois     
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Ajagbe, Debbie            JR Miami (Fla.)            20.97m!  68-09.75
      20.25m  20.97m  18.86m  FOUL  18.12m  19.03m                        
  2 Butler, Kaila             SR Bowling Green           20.36m   66-09.75
      FOUL  19.68m  19.23m  20.02m  20.36m  19.80m                        
  3 Jacobsen, Courtney        JR Michigan                20.15m#  66-01.50
      19.60m  19.82m  FOUL  20.15m  19.92m  19.85m                        
  4 Nelson, Briana            SR Michigan                19.95m#  65-05.50
      19.55m  19.95m  FOUL  19.17m  FOUL  18.99m                          
  5 Clarke, Kadian            JR Eastern Michigan        17.79m   58-04.50
      16.89m  FOUL  FOUL  16.81m  17.21m  17.79m                          
  6 Lubin, Sherry             SR Miami (Fla.)            17.18m   56-04.50
      16.62m  FOUL  FOUL  15.71m  16.31m  17.18m                          
  7 Hall, Hannah              SO Miami (Fla.)            17.03m   55-10.50
      FOUL  FOUL  16.72m  FOUL  FOUL  17.03m                              
  8 Hoyte, Asia               JR Buffalo                 15.95m   52-04.00
      14.65m  FOUL  15.94m  15.95m  FOUL  FOUL                            
  9 Luthman, Savanah          JR Eastern Michigan        15.79m   51-09.75
      15.41m  15.44m  15.79m  15.07m  15.29m  15.38m                      
 10 Floyd, Ariel              JR Eastern Michigan        15.62m   51-03.00
      15.16m  14.43m  15.62m                                              
 11 Connor, Erin              JR Michigan                14.86m   48-09.00
      14.22m  14.86m  14.85m                                              
 12 Strauss, Kallie           SR Toledo                  12.69m   41-07.75
      11.54m  12.69m  12.44m