Men's Hammer Finals - Results

 Delta Timing Group - Contractor License                5/4/2019 - 6:09 PM
                  2019  Nebraska Invitational - 5/4/2019                  
                          Ed Weir Outdoor Track                           
                            Lincoln, Nebraska                             
Event 16  Men Hammer Throw
 Event to Follow the Women's Javelin (estimated 12:00pm start)            
 Top 9 Preliminary Throws Advance to Finals                               
     Ed Weir: S 70.14m  5/12/2007   Egor Agafonov, Kansas  230'1"         
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Kaup, Dylan                  WAYNE STATE (NEB.)      58.71m     192-07
      57.75m  58.71m  58.28m  56.35m  56.09m  57.74m                      
  2 Kalkowski, Cade              WAYNE STATE (NEB.)      57.78m     189-07
      FOUL  FOUL  56.79m  55.66m  FOUL  57.78m                            
  3 Sweeney, Richard             WAYNE STATE (NEB.)      52.09m     170-11
      48.82m  48.84m  50.85m  51.11m  50.53m  52.09m                      
  4 Nemec, Matthew               WAYNE STATE (NEB.)      50.93m     167-01
      50.09m  50.14m  50.93m  50.14m  47.68m  49.95m                      
  5 Peters, Dalton               NEBRASKA                50.25m     164-10
      FOUL  50.25m  48.42m  FOUL  49.30m  FOUL                            
  6 Harkins, Joey                DRAKE                   50.20m     164-08
      50.20m  49.33m  49.23m  FOUL  46.27m  49.48m                        
  7 Morrison, Zach               UNATTACHED              48.18m     158-01
      47.56m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  48.18m  FOUL                              
  8 Pohlmann, Jared              NEBRASKA WESLEYAN       47.08m     154-05
      FOUL  44.62m  46.40m  FOUL  47.08m  FOUL                            
  9 Lindgren, Sam                NEBRASKA WESLEYAN       45.09m     147-11
      43.99m  43.69m  45.09m  44.59m  FOUL  FOUL                          
 10 Goodman, Charles             NEBRASKA WESLEYAN       44.18m     144-11
      41.66m  43.82m  44.18m