Delta Timing Group - Contractor License                      5/17/2014 - 5:26 PM
               Georgia Tech Invitational - 5/16/2014 to 5/17/2014                
                                   Atlanta, GA                                   
Event 4  Women Javelin Throw
 Top 9 advance to final.                                                         
 Minimum measurement:  120'0" / 36.59m                                           
TRACK RECORD: # 206-06  1999        Lavern Eve, Unattached                       
    Name                    Year School                  Finals            Points
  1 Jessie Merckle               Wake Forest             52.09m     170-11       
      52.09m  47.02m  51.02m  ND  ND  ND                                         
  2 Jessica Talley               Northwestern St.        46.90m     153-10       
      44.74m  46.90m  42.56m  45.82m  46.74m  FOUL                               
  3 Chelsea Whalen               Florida State           43.72m     143-05       
      41.46m  43.72m  FOUL  40.82m  FOUL  FOUL                                   
  4 Bethany Pfeiffer             SE Missouri             41.80m     137-02       
      40.48m  38.14m  40.45m  41.80m  ND  ND                                     
  5 Angelica Thompson            Houston                 41.75m     137-00       
      39.36m  38.08m  36.64m  41.75m  37.65m  37.80m                             
  6 Cherilyn Bunker              Byu                     40.49m     132-10       
      40.49m  37.60m  ND  ND  38.22m  36.69m                                     
  7 Jocelyn Parnell              Appalachian State       40.05m     131-05       
      39.45m  ND  37.36m  39.69m  39.44m  40.05m                                 
  8 Olivia Piccirillo            Clemson                 39.86m     130-09       
      ND  ND  39.86m  37.27m  38.58m  36.88m                                     
  9 Jaymee Smith                 Florida A&M             39.11m     128-04       
      ND  ND  39.11m                                                             
 10 Siaina Campbell              Ucf                     38.81m     127-04       
      ND  35.76m  38.81m  ND  ND  ND                                             
 -- Ashleigh Uhl                 Georgia Tech                ND                  
      ND  ND  ND                                                                 
 -- Ashley Hoden                 Columbus St.                ND                  
      ND  ND  ND                                                                 
 -- Jill Maloney                 Unattached                  ND                  
      ND  ND  ND