Delta Timing Group - Contractor License                4/9/2016 - 8:13 PM
     2016 Miami Hurricane Alumni Invitational - 4/8/2016 to 4/9/2016      
                           University of Miami                            
Event 4  Women Hammer Throw
 Min mark 45m                                                             
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Marcela Solano               Chile                   62.22m     204-02
      57.37m  59.97m  62.22m  58.27m  59.56m  59.62m                      
  2 Tayla Greene                 Ucf                     59.45m     195-00
      FOUL  55.77m  59.45m  FOUL  58.68m  FOUL                            
  3 Robyn McFetters              Maine                   58.96m     193-05
      58.96m  FOUL  57.94m  FOUL  55.87m  58.31m                          
  4 Precious Ogunleye            Miami                   58.80m     192-11
      FOUL  56.28m  58.80m  57.02m  FOUL  56.12m                          
  5 Kalen Hambrick               Ucf                     56.54m     185-06
      54.33m  56.54m  55.81m  ND  54.49m  54.47m                          
  6 Dana Newell                  Hillsdale               54.56m     179-00
      53.34m  FOUL  54.56m  FOUL  53.48m  FOUL                            
  7 Rachael Tolsma               Hillsdale               54.29m     178-01
      51.25m  52.16m  52.32m  54.29m  54.00m  50.82m                      
  8 Javean Douglas               Tiffin                  53.32m     174-11
      48.61m  53.32m  51.46m  52.54m  FOUL  51.21m                        
  9 Tiffany Okieme               Miami                   52.82m     173-03
      50.50m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  52.07m  52.82m                            
 10 Chelsea Gobourne             Ucf                    x50.14m     164-06
      FOUL  FOUL  50.14m                                                  
 11 Jhane' Carter                Ucf                    x48.62m     159-06
      48.34m  48.62m  46.73m                                              
 12 Chandra Fulwood              Fiu                     48.61m     159-06
      48.61m  FOUL  ND                                                    
 13 Gabby Durant                 Ucf                    x48.31m     158-06
      FOUL  47.12m  48.31m                                                
 14 Alysha Lewis                 Fiu                     47.76m     156-08
      46.31m  47.76m  ND                                                  
 15 Tayler McDuffie              Ucf                    x46.52m     152-07
      FOUL  FOUL  46.52m                                                  
 -- Falon Irwin                  Nova Southeastern           ND           
      ND  ND  ND                                                          
 -- Sydney Molina                Nova Southeastern           ND           
      ND  ND  ND                                                          
 -- Catoria Sirmon               Bethune-Cookman             ND           
      ND  ND  ND                                                          
 -- Jasmine Banks                Fiu                         ND           
      ND  ND  ND                                                          
 -- Eunique Byrd                 Florida Memorial            ND           
      ND  ND  ND                                                          
 -- Khia Wilson                  Fiu                         ND           
      ND  ND  ND                                                          
 -- Andin Fosam                  Pittsburgh                FOUL           
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                                    
 -- Terrisa Russell              Fiu                       FOUL           
      ND  FOUL  ND                                                        
 -- Miriam Pierre                Fiu                       FOUL           
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                                    
 -- Akassja White                Bethune-Cookman           FOUL           
      ND  ND  FOUL                                                        
 -- Cassidy Malchow              Charleston Southern       FOUL           
      FOUL  ND  ND                                                        
 -- Veera Hietala                Keiser University         FOUL           
      FOUL  FOUL  ND                                                      
 -- Jessica Nyiro                Nova Southeastern         FOUL           
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                                    
 -- Wilsandley Jacques           Florida Memorial          FOUL           
      ND  FOUL  ND                                                        
 -- Frances Mejia                Nova Southeastern          DNS           
 -- Ellexsie Haughton            Edward Waters              DNS           
 -- Anissa Martin                Edward Waters              DNS