Delta Timing Group - Contractor License              12/7/2018 - 10:13 PM
                        YSU Icebreaker - 12/7/2018                        
                 Watson and Tressel Training Site (WATTS)                 
Event 35  Women Weight Throw
 To Follow Men WT - 3 Attempts Prelims/3 Attempts Finals                  
 Top 8 plus ties to Reverse Order Final                                   
 Minumum Mark- 14.00 (45-11.00)                                           
 1 Valid Attempt, Regardless of Distance                                  
       WATTS: @ 19.54m  1/24/2014   Jessica Bridenthal, Ashland           
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Kreatsoulas, Nicolette    SR Youngstown St.          17.15m   56-03.25
      16.50m  17.15m  16.65m  16.79m  ND  ND                              
  2 Laios, Cassandra          SR Case Western            16.90m   55-05.50
      14.87m  15.88m  ND  15.21m  15.93m  16.90m                          
  3 Hoyte, Asia               SO Buffalo                 16.57m   54-04.50
      16.57m  ND  ND  ND  ND  ND                                          
  4 Turley, Malia             SR Walsh                   16.43m   53-11.00
      15.63m  16.43m  15.60m  15.57m  16.20m  ND                          
  5 Fleming, Elizabeth        SO Wheeling Jesuit         16.34m   53-07.50
      16.34m  ND  ND  ND  ND  ND                                          
  6 Gyles, Antoinette         SO Pittsburgh              15.85m   52-00.00
      15.38m  ND  15.85m  15.53m  ND  15.01m                              
  7 Porter, Mariah            JR Walsh                   15.83m   51-11.25
      15.23m  15.48m  15.72m  ND  15.83m  14.85m                          
  8 Breehl, Payton            SR Walsh                   14.85m   48-08.75
      14.50m  14.38m  ND  13.95m  14.85m  14.13m                          
  9 Simon, Reshanna           JR Youngstown St.          14.76m   48-05.25
      ND  ND  14.44m  ND  14.76m  14.54m                                  
 10 Yale, Kelci                  Unattached              14.25m   46-09.00
      14.25m  ND  ND                                                      
 11 King, Olivia              SR Walsh                   14.20m   46-07.25
      14.15m  14.06m  14.20m                                              
 12 Brest, Katie              SR Clarion                 14.13m   46-04.25
      14.13m  ND  ND                                                      
 13 Fahey, Annie              SR Walsh                   14.11m   46-03.50
      14.11m  13.89m  14.03m                                              
 14 Mckenzie, Brianna         FR Buffalo                 13.39m   43-11.25
      13.39m  ND  ND                                                      
 15 Miller, Makayla           FR Walsh                   13.34m   43-09.25
      ND  13.34m  ND                                                      
 16 Pierre, Gesnide           JR Ursuline (Ohio)         13.19m   43-03.25
      13.19m  ND  ND                                                      
 17 Way, Abby                 JR Slippery Rock           13.09m   42-11.50
      ND  ND  13.09m                                                      
 18 Hutchinson, Rachel        FR Slippery Rock           13.00m   42-08.00
      ND  13.00m  ND                                                      
 19 Greggerson, Kristen       SO Seton Hill              12.99m   42-07.50
      ND  12.99m  ND                                                      
 20 Dickerson, Lauren         SR Wheeling Jesuit         12.97m   42-06.75
      ND  ND  12.97m                                                      
 21 Jennings, Sierra          SO Malone                  12.67m   41-07.00
      12.67m  ND  10.49m                                                  
 21 Palski, Kati              JR Slippery Rock           12.67m   41-07.00
      12.67m  ND  ND                                                      
 23 Buck, Sam                 SR Robert Morris           12.28m   40-03.50
      12.28m  ND  ND                                                      
 24 Stollberg, Mina           FR Duquesne                12.11m   39-08.75
      12.11m  ND  ND                                                      
 25 Mears, Taylor             FR Robert Morris           11.91m   39-01.00
      ND  11.91m  ND                                                      
 26 Campbell, Cambrie         FR Youngstown St.          11.88m   38-11.75
      11.88m  ND  ND                                                      
 27 Fontanazza, Abby          SO Clarion                 10.92m   35-10.00
      10.92m  ND  ND                                                      
 28 Melck, Kimberley          SO California (Pa.)        10.49m   34-05.00
      ND  10.49m  ND                                                      
 29 Hallinan, Lindsey         FR Seton Hill              10.23m   33-06.75
      10.23m  ND  ND                                                      
 30 Reshni, Karen             FR Wheeling Jesuit          9.74m   31-11.50
      9.74m  ND  ND                                                       
 31 Gerard, Lauren            SO Geneva                   8.83m   28-11.75
      ND  ND  8.83m                                                       
 32 Roemer, Kaitlin           FR Ursuline (Ohio)          8.45m   27-08.75
      ND  8.45m  ND                                                       
 33 Komonczi, Nicole          SO Geneva                   8.29m   27-02.50
      ND  8.29m  ND                                                       
 34 Meyers, Janay             FR California (Pa.)         8.22m   26-11.75
      8.22m  ND  ND                                                       
 35 Ware, Allison             FR Slippery Rock            8.11m   26-07.25
      ND  ND  8.11m                                                       
 36 Burkett, Miche            FR California (Pa.)         7.40m   24-03.50
      7.40m  ND  ND                                                       
 -- Keck, Mary                SO Unattached                  ND           
      ND  ND  ND                                                          
 -- Tech, Jenna               SO Clarion                     ND           
      ND  ND  ND                                                          
 -- Katende, Estelle          SO Robert Morris               ND           
      ND  ND  ND                                                          
 -- Jackson, Taylor           SO Unattached                 DNS           
 -- Parker, Megan             SO Westminster (Pa.)          DNS           
 -- Whritenour, Franki        SO Geneva                     DNS           
 -- Mattocks, Caitlyn         FR Westminster (Pa.)          DNS           
 -- Dyson, Sammy              FR Youngstown St.             DNS