Delta Timing Group - Contractor License                        2/22/2020 - 5:47 PM
                        2020 Kent State Tune-Up - 2/22/2020                        
                              Kent State Field House                               
Event 27  Women Shot Put
 To Follow Men Weight Throw                                                        
 3 Throws Top 9 to finals 3 more throws                                            
    FACILITY: # 19.05m  2018        Danniel Thomas-Dodd (62-6), Unattached         
    Comp#  Name                Year School                  Seed     Finals           
  1       Aquilla, Adelaide   SO Ohio State            17.52m     16.17m   53-00.75
      16.01m  FOUL  FOUL  16.17m  FOUL  FOUL                                       
  2       Tennant, Grace      JR Kent State            15.73m     16.04m   52-07.50
      FOUL  FOUL  14.99m  14.68m  FOUL  16.04m                                     
  3       Baker, Lindsey      SO Ohio State            15.59m     15.68m   51-05.50
      14.38m  15.32m  14.69m  15.50m  15.68m  FOUL                                 
  4       Bailey, Gabrielle   SO Kent State            16.13m     15.45m   50-08.25
      FOUL  15.45m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                         
  5       Anaraodo, Ndidi     JR Unattached            14.04m     15.01m   49-03.00
      13.81m  14.81m  15.01m  FOUL  14.21m  13.98m                                 
  6       Weimer, Elizabeth   SO Ashland               14.16m     13.50m   44-03.50
      12.91m  13.41m  13.19m  FOUL  13.50m  FOUL                                   
  7       Daly, Meghan        FR Kent State            13.00m     12.99m   42-07.50
      12.99m  FOUL  12.88m  FOUL  12.62m  12.70m                                   
  8       Watkins, Samantha   FR Walsh                 12.87m     12.28m   40-03.50
      12.23m  12.28m  11.52m  11.47m  11.72m  10.49m                               
  9       Homan, Grace        FR Dayton                13.00m     11.74m   38-06.25
      11.60m  10.98m  11.36m  11.74m  11.70m  11.07m                               
 10       Parker, Megan       SR Westminster (Pa.)     10.85m     11.57m   37-11.50
      11.57m  11.05m  FOUL                                                         
 11       Groves, Paige       JR Walsh                 12.37m     11.31m   37-01.25
      FOUL  10.95m  11.31m                                                         
 12       Heidtman, Rachel    FR Dayton                11.15m     10.96m   35-11.50
      10.38m  10.96m  9.88m                                                        
 13       Johnson-Mills, Ezr  FR Duquesne              10.60m     10.93m   35-10.50
      9.22m  FOUL  10.93m                                                          
 14       Rinella, Corey      JR Dayton                11.32m     10.80m   35-05.25
      10.36m  10.80m  10.53m                                                       
 15       Resciniti, Madelyn  FR Duquesne              11.22m     10.61m   34-09.75
      10.55m  10.61m  10.53m                                                       
 16       Bias, Grace         NA Unattached            13.00m      9.93m   32-07.00
      9.24m  FOUL  9.93m                                                           
 17       Miller, Olivia      JR Carlow                10.01m      9.73m   31-11.25
      9.69m  9.73m  9.46m                                                          
 18       Jaworski, Chloe     FR Westminster (Pa.)                 9.04m   29-08.00
      8.85m  8.97m  9.04m                                                          
 19       Kelly, Brigid       SO Franciscan (Ohio)      9.27m      8.92m   29-03.25
      8.04m  8.92m  8.64m                                                          
 20       Henningsen, Katie   FR Westminster (Pa.)      8.45m      8.79m   28-10.25
      8.79m  7.80m  7.92m                                                          
 21       Bobroski, Jenna     FR Pitt.-Johnstown        9.62m      8.77m   28-09.25
      8.29m  8.67m  8.77m                                                          
 22       Ogbo, Rhoda         SO Pitt.-Johnstown        9.80m      8.76m   28-09.00
      8.76m  8.01m  FOUL                                                           
 23       Weddle, Hannah      SO Lock Haven            10.67m      8.64m   28-04.25
      FOUL  FOUL  8.64m                                                            
 24       Keenan, Maddie      JR Westminster (Pa.)      7.49m      8.12m   26-07.75
      7.90m  7.60m  8.12m                                                          
 25       Mattocks, Caitlyn   SO Westminster (Pa.)      8.63m      7.97m   26-01.75
      7.85m  7.33m  7.97m                                                          
 26       Seixas, Kailyn      FR Pitt.-Johnstown        7.43m      7.77m   25-06.00
      7.77m  7.63m  6.57m                                                          
 --       Dipippo, Gianna     JR Ashland               14.57m       FOUL           
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                                             
 --       Allen, Lillia       FR Dayton                13.00m        DNS