Delta Timing Group - Contractor License              12/10/2021 - 7:02 PM
                     YSU Holiday Classic - 12/10/2021                     
                 Watson and Tressel Training Site (WATTS)                 
Event 35  Women Triple Jump
 3 Attempts Prelims/3 Attempts Finals                                     
 Top 9 plus ties to Reverse Order Final                                   
 20 minutes Following Long Jump (West Pit)                                
       WATTS: @ 12.77m  12/6/2019   Nisa Raqib, Buffalo                   
    Comp#  Name                Year School                  Finals           
  1       Richard, Brianna    SR Bowling Green           12.10m   39-08.50
      X  12.10m  X  X  X  12.10m                                          
  2       Burrell, Ayanna     JR Bowling Green           11.95m   39-02.50
      11.95m  X  11.81m  X  X  -                                          
  3       Williams-Mathews,   FR Youngstown St.          11.68m   38-04.00
      11.40m  11.48m  X  11.66m  11.66m  11.68m                           
  4       Simon, Stephanie    FR Youngstown St.          11.45m   37-06.75
      10.99m  11.37m  11.45m  11.32m  11.35m  X                           
  5       Martin, Claire      FR Walsh                   10.83m   35-06.50
      10.83m  10.46m  10.77m  10.40m  10.76m  X                           
  6       Hopkins, Emily      FR Case Western            10.67m   35-00.25
      10.39m  10.67m  10.34m  10.60m  10.44m  10.40m                      
  7       Fernandes, Destiny  JR Bowling Green           10.52m   34-06.25
      X  10.52m  -  X  X  X                                               
  8       Klett, Isabelle     SO Bowling Green           10.42m   34-02.25
      10.42m  X  10.37m  10.16m  X  X                                     
  9       Ozeki, Sarah        FR Case Western            10.38m   34-00.75
      9.62m  10.37m  10.38m  10.31m  10.37m  X                            
 10       Roskuszka, Lauren   FR Case Western            10.31m   33-10.00
      9.88m  10.31m  9.83m                                                
 11       O'Connor, Elissa    SR Geneva                   9.36m   30-08.50
      9.36m  9.23m  9.29m